Leaflet Distribution Services Walthamstow
Guaranteed leaflet distribution, door-to-door, flyer delivery.

** Winner Best Leaflet Distribution Services Company UK **

Leaflet Distribution Walthamstow is an experienced leaflet delivery company that provides a checked door to door distribution service for your flyers in Walthamstow, London, E17, UK.

We can guarantee that your leaflets will actually reach letterboxes because we have been providing this service since 2004 on a daily basis. A cheap printer can be recommended. 20,000 for £96 full colour, double-sided card. (The price is correct at the time of writing this.)

Good rates are offered with discounts for larger quantities. Our experience and guarantee means that our leaflet distribution company is the best in Walthamstow.

Potential delivery people are screened before even being considered for an interview. The induction process is structured, based on years of knowing what to do and what not to do!

Important points to beware of in deciding which leaflet distributor to use in Walthamstow include that if they are quoting rock bottom rates as their supposed selling point, how can they attract and retain any competent staff? People are not going to work for virtually nothing and as the saying goes, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys! If it takes a leafleter around 6 hours to do 1,000 flyers, they would need to be paid about £50 to earn fractionally over the minimum wage. Some companies I know of pay their delivery staff £25/1,000. What do you think they do with most of the leaflets they are given?! Also, having your leaflets put in local newspapers unfortunately brings a very poor rate of return, as they accept too many leaflets and someone needs to go to the exact page where they are. National leaflet distribution companies have a bad reputation and I have never spoken to anyone who was pleased with their work! I have undertaken subcontracted deliveries for them in Walthamstow and their checks are minimal at best!

Call Mario Szydlowski on 07955 122 641
(Weekdays 8.30 to 6.00, Sat 9.00 - 4.00)

Click on the play button for a 3 minute audio (ie no video) explanation of what to watch out for in selecting a reputable leaflet delivery service.

Local Walthamstow Office

Walthamstow, London, UK

We cover:
East London
DA Postcodes:
Northumberland Heath DA8, Slade Green DA8
E Postcodes:
Aldersbrook E11, Aldersbrook E12, Aldgate E1, Bethnal Green E2, Bishopsgate E1, Blackwall E14, Bow E3, Bow E15, Brick Lane E1, Bromley by Bow E3, Cambridge Heath E2, Canary Wharf E14, Cann Hall E11, Canning Town E16, Clapton E5, Clerkenwell EC1M, Cubitt Town E14, Custom House E16, Forest Gate E7, Haggerston E2, Homerton E9, Isle of Dogs E14, Hackney E8 EC2A, Hackney Wick E15, Leyton E15, Leytonstone E11, Leytonstone E15, Limehouse E14, Little Ilford E12, Manor Park E12, Maryland E15, Mile End E1, Mile End E3, Millwall E14, Newham E7, Newham E12, Newham E15, Newham E16, North Woolwich E16, Old Ford E3, Plaistow E13, Poplar E14, Portsoken E1, Shadwell E1, Shoreditch E1, Shoreditch E2, Silvertown E16, Snaresbrook E11, Spitalfields E1, Stepney E1, Stratford E7, Stratford E15, Temple Mills E15, Tower Hamlets E1, Tower Hamlets, Upper Walthamstow E17, Waltham Forest E11, Waltham Forest E17, Walthamstow E17, Wanstead E11, Wapping E1W, West Ham E15, Whitechapel E1
EC Postcodes:
Blackfriars EC4V, City Of London, Fetter Lane EC4A, Finsbury EC1R, Hackney E8 EC2A, Islington EC1M EC1R, Liverpool Street EC2M, Shoreditch E2 EC2A, St Pauls EC4M
SE Postcodes:
Bermondsey SE16, Rotherhithe SE16, Southwark SE16, Surrey Quays SE16
and surrounding areas.

Call Mario Szydlowski on 07955 122 641
(Weekdays 8.30am to 6.00pm, Sat 9am - 4pm)

Please leave a message if there is an answerphone, as calls are always returned.