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Leaflet Distribution Peterborough is an experienced leaflet delivery company that provides a checked door to door distribution service for your flyers in Peterborough, PE1 PE3, UK.

We can guarantee that your leaflets will actually reach letterboxes because we have been providing this service since 2004 on a daily basis.

Good rates are offered with discounts for larger quantities. Our experience and guarantee means that our leaflet distribution company is the best in Peterborough.

Potential delivery people are screened before even being considered for an interview. The induction process is structured, based on years of knowing what to do and what not to do!

Important points to beware of in deciding which leaflet distributor to use in Peterborough include that if they are quoting rock bottom rates as their supposed selling point, how can they attract and retain any competent staff? People are not going to work for virtually nothing and as the saying goes, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys! If it takes a leafleter around 6 hours to do 1,000 flyers, they would need to be paid about £50 to earn fractionally over the minimum wage. Some companies I know of pay their delivery staff £25/1,000. What do you think they do with most of the leaflets they are given?! Also, having your leaflets put in local newspapers unfortunately brings a very poor rate of return, as they accept too many leaflets and someone needs to go to the exact page where they are. National leaflet distribution companies have a bad reputation and I have never spoken to anyone who was pleased with their work! I have undertaken subcontracted deliveries for them in Peterborough and their checks are minimal at best!

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♦ AndrewD-365 - Kitchen Craft 26 Jan 2018
We continue to use Ade for all our leaflet distribution. He is both professional and reliable and his use of GPS to show me exactly where the leaflets have been distributed backs up his excellent service. I would highly recommend Leaflet Distribution Central to anyone looking for leaflet distributors.

♦ DesboroughC - Desborough Town Council 24 Jan 2018
First class supplier
Excellent service, great value, professional and responsive. This is the second time we have used Ade and his team. Thoroughly recommend.

♦ Business Response - 18 Oct 2017
Thanks Becky for the great review and a big thanks to our guy George who completed this one single handed and we look forward to distributing your next newsletter in January 2018 which we have booked in for you.

♦ DesboroughC - Desborough Town Council 13 Sep 2017
5 Star Service
Leaflet Distribution Central have done a sterling job at delivering our Desborough Town Council newsletter. Their GPS tracking service gives peace of mind and reliable tracking. 5 Star service, great price, definitely recommend.

♦ CraigB-187 - It works!!!
These guys literally deliver every time!!! Highly recommended from us.

♦ AndrewD-256 - Kitchen Craft
We have used Ade for our leaflet distriburion for over a year and found him to offer a friendly yet professional and reliable service. With good communication and reasonable prices I can certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a similar service.

♦ We get our menus and flyers done with then and at first we weren't sure as it was the first time using them but, i can assure you the service is fantastic and reliable. A lot of the feed back and when we asked customers how they heard of us was via flyers through their doors, so the menu /leaflet distribution really works. Also the service you get is very personal and very helpful, as we are new to northampton Ade seems to know the area very well and help go through the different areas and then asked where we would want them dropped. We use them for all our promotion flyers now. we would highly recommend them to anyone.

♦ fantastic service

♦ Just had a large volume of postcards delivered by Leaflet Distribution Central to a targeted areas and they were fantastic. From initial email where Ade offered fantastic advice and worked with us on the area we thought we needed to distribute to, to where we actually ended up delivering to through to the contact received throughout the whole process was first class. I would highly recommend the service to anyone.

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Call Oby on 0203 488 2058 (Weekdays 8.30am to 6.30pm)

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